HexFaktor is in beta and likely not bug-free yet. Please report any bugs you find.

ElixirStatus presents: HexFaktor

This is a new service that wants to provide monitoring for your Hex deps.

Is this ready?

Yes and no. I tested this version of the software for a couple of weeks myself, but now the code needs some "real world experience".

You can join the beta by signing in via GitHub:

Join the Beta


This, like my other Elixir projects, would not have been possible without consistent support by our fantastic community. Thank you so much!

Wait! Who are you?

I'm @rrrene. I've been around Elixir for a while and created Credo and ElixirStatus.


There is no reason why you should not share your thoughts, excitement and/or critique about this project on Twitter, in a blog post or in the issues section of the GitHub repo.

The project will, however, remain under the beta.* domain for a couple of weeks so we can ensure everything is working properly.

Open Source?

Yes! Everything can be found here: hexfaktor/hex_faktor_web

Thanks again!