HexFaktor is in beta and likely not bug-free yet. Please report any bugs you find.
3 top-level dependencies, none outdated, none unknown.
required: ~> 0.2.0
current: 0.2.0
locked: 0.2.0
status: up-to-date
required: ~> 1.4.9
current: 1.4.14
locked: 1.4.9
status: up-to-date
required: ~> 0.5.3
current: 0.5.6
locked: 0.5.3
status: up-to-date
A green requirement in "required" means the given requirement matches the current version.
A green version in "locked" means you have the current version of a given package locked.
Outdated dependencies are marked based on their Mix env:
for prod dependencies
for other dependencies (e.g. dev or test)